Monday, 10 October 2011

The point of it all

I could use this introduction to tell you all about myself, my childhood, my parents and family (there are a lot of them, I could probably write quite a few posts just talking about my many cousins), my life at the moment or even my friends and work (not so much tot talk about here, since I am currently seeking employment but I guess I could write about the endless application process). But that's not what I intend this blog to be about. This blog is supposed to help me sort through my jumbled thoughts and help me clarify my belief and faith in God and Jesus and what that means for my life. So instead I will tell you what prompted me to do exactly that:
I grew up in a Catholic environment; almost everyone I knew was Catholic; I went to Catholic schools and until I was about 19 I felt secure in my faith and in being Catholic. I'm not sure what changed; it wasn't so much a decision but more of a slow process but I started to struggle with my faith. A lot. So much so that eventually I couldn't take it anymore and stopped thinking about my faith and what exactly I believed in. Well, that wasn't good for me, I was also struggling with other things at the time and it made me quite ill. I didn't realise it at the time but in hindsight I can say, I wasn't living as much as just going along. Then, almost two years ago things changed. A distant friend, a daughter of friends of my parents whom I had known since before she was born, died. And she didn't just die, she was murdered by her boyfriend. Why? She wanted to break up with him. It really threw me. But when I went to the funeral and talked to her family, I realised, while they were grieving and sad, they were also safe and secure. The whole family was very active in their church and their faith in God was helping them, I could see it with my own eyes. So it got me to start thinking about me and about what it is I believe in. Then I read an amazing book by Francis Collins; The Language of God, and I decided to rediscover Faith and God and Jesus. This blog is supposed to help me and I hope that maybe it will also help some of you out there. I am looking forward to all you have to say on the subject as well.

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