Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Seeking the Truth

First let’s see what Augustine has to say. He lived in Roman North Africa during the 4th century and still is one of the most read theologians and philosophers. I haven’t read his works in full, in fact I have only read an introduction (see the list on the upper left) but even with my rather restricted knowledge I can tell he is one of the most intelligent and inspired men to ever have walked the Earth. I like most his scientific mind and logical approach to a problem.

So here is what I found out. He says that God is with everyone seeking truth and that while our minds may not be able to grasp that truth, the simple fact that God is there right beside us while we are seeking suffices for our happiness. Reading between the lines; I understand that as long as we are earnestly and honestly trying God is there to support us and help us along. This, of course, implies that God is in fact interested and wants to help us if only we were able to understand him. It makes sense to me. We cannot possibly grasp how God thinks or who he is so as long as we try he supports us. And, Augustine says, he communicates with us through prayer but not prayer as many people understand it. So simple petitions probably don’t make much of an impact, true prayer is when we are able to conform our will to his. In other words; God is there for us to help us “see reason” whenever we are not working towards his will.

All of this points to a loving God who is well aware of the shortcomings of his creation but seeks to help the best we let him.

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