Saturday, 15 October 2011

Talking with God

The biggest connection we can have with God is surely through prayer. Yet, I have always found praying extremely difficult. either I am repeating a text in the hope of God hearing it but not sure what it is supposed to accomplish or I have tried to talk to God but because my attention span is limited, my thoughts tend to wander and I end up thinking about taking the garbage out. Not exactly something I need to bother God with, really. And anyway, isn’t it pretty annoying for God to have people constantly asking for stuff? How can he listen to all of them? And some of the prayers at least must contradict the prayer of another person (my housemate suggested jokingly to pray for Wales winning against France in the Rugby World Cup for example) so why even bother? What can I ask of God and how do I build a relationship with him, how can I connect? And let’s not forget, I am just a measly little human, how can I even think of changing God’s mind? And is asking God for things what it’s all about and isn’t there something deeper?

Some of these questions I can already answer; using common sense. I’m sure praying about a team winning a sports match or winning the lottery isn’t going to make God change his mind but it can help me feel like I’ve done something. In the end I have asked and now it is up to him to decide whether to interfere and if yes, in what way. As usual, I will use different texts to explore praying and different ways of doing it.

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